Our Brand: Built on 15 years of friendship


The Unwind Collection was developed by long-time best friends Breanna and Bethany as an exciting and easy way to escape the every day. Breanna has dedicated her life to caring for children in a hospital's emergency department, while Bethany is a mother that helps run a commercial land maintenance company. They know the value of a quiet moment to unwind. This is a collection of their favorite items used to relax and relieve stress.

All products are handmade (with love!) in Columbus, Ohio.

Our History

In 2016, Breanna started experimenting with candle-making. She quickly realized a growing passion for creating quality candles. Over time her knowledge of various ingredients and techniques expanded. Family and friends fell in love with the beautiful appearance and comforting scents of her candles and wax melts, and finally convinced her to start offering them on an Etsy shop. In early 2018, Bethany and Breanna collaborated to expand Breanna's candle shop in to an original multi-product, handmade collection.